The Next Chapter

This is an exciting, once in a generation opportunity to develop a recreational project, made possible by £1.2m investment from the Todmorden Down Deal Board.

Riverside will not only provide long-term and inclusive access to a site of natural beauty for many more sections of the community than has hitherto been the case but will also provide employment in the recreation and visitor economy sectors.

Rome was not built in a day, it took 20 years to develop the site originally, and we have worked hard since 2016 to ensure this site is positioned to become a viable and self-funding community enterprise.

We have already raised significant funds to undertake essential environmental and safety repairs to the tired but functioning building.

During the challenging period of COVID and post pandemic we were unable to realise any sustaining income from this site as an asset. However, with prudent financing and a successful bid for ‘Levelling up’ funding via the Town Deal, we are excited to now be in the position where we have appointed a project manager and a design team to begin the transformation of the building and site.

Like most projects, the cost of development has increased considerably since the bid was approved, however, we are determined to lever in additional funding to ensure we deliver most if not all of the town deal plan – and more!

Town Deal Investment Plan:

  • refurbishment of the existing building amenities to inclusive accessible standards to incorporate a function room and modern changing facilities
  • Lodge – Bunkhouse accommodation, for visitors: walkers, cyclists, and scouting groups giving access to several national and local trails
  • a woodland facility for a forest school for use by the local schools and mental well-being organisations
  • a canal-side base for water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing
  • a scouting base for local troops and a centre for Duke of Edinburgh awards
  • charging facilities for cars, bikes and other EVs
  • a base for the inspirational local charity ‘EMpowered People’ – an all-ability cycling and training centre
  • where there is demand for other recreational or sporting facilities, we will look to include them in the final designs.

We are ambitious for the site, and as suggested above we will be using the current funding on offer to lever in additional funds to support all well-being initiatives.

Read and download our proposed health and well-being offer to local statutory and volunteer organisations here.